EvoLipids - System indicating disease directions

Based on a unique data set, we have created a system that allows you to determine certain disease trends. The chart below shows patients in the form of balls in two colors. Orange - patients with a given diagnosis, blue - without a diagnosis in a given disease.

Based on this data, we can check the patient's position in 3D space regarding diabetes, hypertension and ischemic stroke.
The patient is described by dozens of parameters reduced to abstract 3D space. Abstract three-dimensional space is the result of correlation of all parameters describing the patient and all patients with each other.

key features
  • Possibility to check the disease direction
  • Patient screening
  • Prevention of diabetes
  • Prevention of ischemic stroke
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Examination of disease trends of a given population

The distance d1 , d2, d3 between the selected patient (red) to another patient with a specific diagnosis (orange) determines the proximity of their medical cases. The shorter the distance d, the more likely the patient's illness in relation to the case being compared.