Several Events In Which We Participated

Piotr Woldan And Paweł Staszewski At The ICAISC 2019 Conference

The 18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing gathers many experts in the field of AI. Numerous speeches, scientific publications and exchange of experience with a number of scientists is an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge.

Maciej Orzechowski And Jakub Romanowski At The International Exhibition PLASTPOL 2019

The experience was excellent. DOPAK and KraussMaffei provided us with a very large dose of knowledge about the injection molding processes. Many hours spent understanding these issues have resulted in many plans to implement artificial intelligence into this industry.

Jakub Romanowski At AI & BIG DATA CONGRESS In 2018

Jakub Romanowski as a participant in the debate at at AI & BIG DATA CONGRESS. Very interesting discussion and the opportunity to comment on the development of AI in Poland and in the world. What will the future of AI be? Will it replace a man with many activities? The answers to these and many other questions fell during the debate.