What Is The Most Valuable In Our Team?

Artificial Intelligence, data discovery, explainable AI and programming in one Team. Years of experience in the IT industry and research and scientific work at the university.

  • Many years of experience in creating applications and information systems. Rich scientific knowledge, experience in many research projects combined with experience in software development give unique value
  • Our team has gained outstanding knowledge of AI algorithms based on the understanding of their atomic operations. We are constantly developing our own framework based on our knowledge as well as carefully selected scientific publications. As a result, we increase the efficiency of data processing in relation to popularly used frameworks
  • We know how to build a bridge between science and industry
  • We are both scientists and programming engineers, we understand the market needs and we can communicate with partners appropriately
Our mission is to facilitate and improve the quality of human life using Artificial Intelligence. Our products allow people to focus on their own development. This is possible by building artificial agents based on a model of human, practically in every area of human life.

More efficiency

Up to 50% higher efficiency of the AI agent. Properly transferred knowledge allows to build an AI agent with amazing effectiveness. It is possible in many areas of life and industry, such as medical tests, diagnoses diseases, overseeing industrial processes, specialized systems for recommending every type of content, etc.
  • Artificial intelligence in medical and business applications (Machine learning & Deep learning)
  • Programming Machine Learning (especially Deep Learning) algorithms using OpenCL and CUDA technology
  • Image processing (objects segmentation and classification)
  • Recommendation systems
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Visualization
Our AI Skills Applied To

Medicine & human profile


Recommendation systems




Industry & others